Moorea Private Snorkel Tours

Join Moorea Ocean Adventures for premium snorkel tours to the best areas of Moorea’s lagoon and outer reefs. Our snorkel tours are unique as each reef we visit hosts different species of marine wildlife to encounter. Join our Marine Biologist Guide Matthieu and Camerman Trevor as we visit specific reefs to snorkel with iconic species like; sea turtles, reef sharks, sting rays and explore the best coral gardens.

Matthieu and Trevor look forward to welcoming you onboard for a premium snorkeling experience here in Moorea. The combination of warm, clear, blue tropical waters inside the Marine Protected Areas of Moorea make snorkeling tours here wonderful experiences for snorkelers of all experience level.

Moorea Ocean Adventures offers small group private snorkeling tours to ensure the best experience for our guests. Our Biologist and Cameraman team are also certified as open ocean lifeguards. We are able to provide personal assistance to those who may need it, and who may not feel as confident in the water.

Many of our guests join us for several half day tours to visit several of the best snorkeling spots of Moorea.

Moorea Ocean Adventures Snorkeling Lionfish

Some of Moorea Snorkeling Sites

Moorea Ocean Adventures snorkeling

In the lagoon

Coral gardens

Coral gardens are in the lagoon a real city where hundreds of coloured species live. This is the perfect opportunity to meet parrot fish, butterfly fish, surgeon fish, wrasses and many others. Coral gardens are shallow and perfect for beginners.

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Snorkeling on the reef
Best reef snorkeling, activities in French Polynesia

A passage to the ocean


Channels are a passage between lagoon and ocean where water is renewed. Many species of fish take advantage from the abundant food there. The currents are sometimes significant and then we do drift snorkeling. Thrills! For advanced snorkelers.

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Moorea Ocean Adventures snorkeling tour
Reef Snorkeling Coral Gardens in Moorea

Deepest reefs of Moorea

Fore Reef

Fore reef is a deep place where meetings with majestic animals are common: turtles, barracudas, trevallies,… You can also explore with us the cracks of the reef with spectacular reliefs: a rich marine life is living here ! For beginner to expert snorkelers.

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