Moorea Ocean Adventures Team

Moorea Ocean Adventures is a small company dedicated to private tours for small groups. Our team is managed by Matthieu Petit – Marine Biologist and Trevor Orth – Waterman and Naturalist. Matthieu and Trevor have different backgrounds and experience but share the same tour philosophy: to keep our guests safe and to provide you with the most personalized and exciting experience while minimizing our impact on the marine wildlife and their environment. We are all warm and fun-loving people, so join the most passionate and dedicated staff of professional naturalist guides in Moorea!

Moorea Ocean Adventures Matthieu Petit
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Matthieu PETIT

Matthieu is the co-founder of Moorea Ocean Adventures. He graduated from the University of Toulouse in France as a Marine Biologist. For the last 9 years Matthieu has managed research and conservation programs on; coral reefs, sea turtles and marine mammals in French Polynesia. He is also involved in marine wildlife observation for the French Polynesian Environment Office.

Matthieu has spent thousands of hours working with tourism providers in Moorea on; Whale Watching, Whale Swimming, Dolphin tours, Shark and Ray expeditions and SCUBA Diving encounters. His deep knowledge of marine species, the intricacies of Moorea’s coral reef ecosystem and managing marine wildlife encounters ensures Moorea Ocean Adventures guests an unparalleled experience while he continues to promote ecotourism and the conservation of marine species.

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Trevor ORTH

Trevor is the co-founder of Moorea Ocean Adventures. Trevor is an accomplished free-diver, spear fisherman, boat captain and cameraman. Born in California, Trevor is half American and half Tahitian. After 5 years in University in France, Trevor returned to his home in Moorea to pursue his passion of sharing marine wildlife encounters via his photography and videography.

Trevor is knowledgeable and passionate about the Polynesian culture. For the last 5 years he has been a Naturalist Guide here on Moorea. His free diving, photography and videography skills have allowed him to capture many amazing moments both above and below the water for his guests. His experience with marine megafauna will impress you while ensuring your safety and the best possible marine wildlife encounters for Moorea Ocean Adventures guests.

Moorea Ocean Adventures Boat Pilots and Naturalist Guides

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Toerau (Troy) TEIHOTU

Troy is the main boat captain of Moorea Ocean Adventures. Born in Moorea, he’s a very experimented fisherman and ocean lover with a deep knowledge of marine widlife. On every tour, he shows us awesome spotting skills finding animals from very far and he’s always in contact with the local fishermen in case there is any sighting of rare marine species in the area. He has a very respectful approach of all these animals and has many stories to tell about wildlife encounters.

Moana Le Rohellec Moorea Ocean Adventures
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Born and raised in Tahiti, Moana made the ocean his playfield from the earliest age thanks to his passions: freediving, scubadiving, surfing and fishing. After studying in France, he became a marine biologist and worked since as biologist guide for Te mana o te moana NGO and as a head  ranger in charge of managing the research station of Tetiaroa.  In our team, Moana is a biologist guide thanks to his deep knowledge of the local marine biodiversity but he’s also in charge to develop new projects including innovative activities and scientific projects.

Vincent Labrune Moorea Ocean Adventures
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Vincent holds a degree in marine biology and is an experimented guide specialized on open water snorkeling and encounters with pelagic wildlife like humpback whales, pilot whales or oceanic whitetip sharks. He left everything in France to leave his passion for the ocean in Australia first where he worked with sea turtles and bottlenose dolphins and in French Polynesia then. With a deep respect for marine species, he will provide you many explanations to make your tour the most educational possible.

Moorea Ocean Adventures Video Editor

Alama Chong Mook Moorea Ocean Adventures
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Alama is born and raised in Tahiti. After studying in France, he became a web designer for the GIE TAHITI TOURISME in charge of promoting the tourism in French Polynesia worlwide. Extremely interested in image and communication, Alama then took a position as photographer-computer scientist during twelve years for a tourist company working with animals. He’s now in charge of editing the guests’ videos for Moorea Ocean Adventures and he’s often very jalous of the underwater encounters we have when he looks at the day footages in his office !

Associate Photographers

whale swim moorea photographer peter wilcox

Peter Wilcox |

Peter is one of the contributing photographers on the Moorea Ocean Adventures tours. Originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, Peter has spent the last 17 years traveling the globe capturing images and footage of whales, dolphins, sharks and all manner of marine wildlife.

Peter is a co-owner of Whale Watch Cabo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Whale Watch Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. An avid diver, naturalist and conservationist, Peter is also a drone pilot – you can see some of his work on our Facebook page. During the Moorea whale watching season you can often meet Peter on our tours to swim with the whales, dolphins and sharks of Moorea.