Sea Turtle Snorkeling with Moorea Ocean Adventures

Join Moorea Ocean Adventures for a snorkeling trip to meet one of the most iconic marine species of French Polynesia, the Sea Turtle. Observing sea turtles in their natural habitat is a magical experience. Sea turtles are among the cutest animals populating our seas. It doesn’t come as a surprise that snorkelers are always very happy to spot them and swim with them.

Learn about these endangered and protected animals thanks to the experience of our biologist and naturalist guides who have been involved in conservation and research programs like sea turtle nesting monitoring, satellite tagging, photo ID or sea turtle population assessment. We perfectly know where to find the two most common species in Moorea, the hawksbill and green sea turtles. Together, we will explore the turtles’ foraging and resting areas until we spot them and be able to watch their natural behaviour. Our explanations about their lifecycle, their ecology and their threats will make you understand why the French Polynesia Sanctuary is crucial for the future of these species.

Sea Turtle Snorkeling makes you usually swim in quite shallow areas so this is a perfect activity for beginner snorkelers. As we talk of marine wildlife, there is always a risk sea turtles are not present in a certain area or the water is too murky on a specific day and place. There are different places around Moorea where we can bring you to swim with sea turtles so usually with a little bit of patience, the sea turtle encounters happen.

Sea turtles are present in Moorea all year long and more easy to find in the morning. We always try to have the minimum impact on their behaviour that’s why we give them some space between July and october when the number of boats on the water in Moorea is quite high.


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