Moorea Manta Snorkel Experience | Fly Underwater

Moorea Ocean Adventures offers a unique snorkeling adventure tour where you can fly underwater like a Manta Ray. Ready for a new snorkeling adventure? This is a tour suitable for snorkelers with average swimming and snorkeling skills.

Tow boards have been used for scientific research and conservation for many years. The Biologists are slowly towed behind the boat while snorkeling. This gives you the feeling of flying underwater like a Manta Ray, observing much more of the reef, sharks, turtles and fish than can be accomplished with traditional snorkeling. We have evolved the tow board from a purely scientific tool into a fun and exciting way to explore the reefs of Moorea.

The tow boards are connected to the boat by ropes, one guest and one guide will be in the water as you learn. Wearing your mask, snorkel and fins the boat slowly moves off trailing the snorkelers who can tilt the board to dive and surface as they cruise over the reef. The boat moves along at 2-3 kilometers per hour while the tow boarders dive and surface as they like. This is a fun and exciting way to observe the coral reefs and marine species like sea turtles, schools of barracuda or even dolphin.

This really is like being a Manta Ray – flying underwater. Experience what it is like to effortlessly glide over the coral reef, at home in the tropical lagoon of Moorea.

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Tour Conditions
To participate in the Underwater Flying, Guests must:

  • Have current snorkeling experience
  • Have strong swimming skills
  • Be able to sustain themselves in water
  • Be able to climb a boat ladder
  • Be able to equalize their ears
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