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Spinner dolphin watching Private Boat Tours Moorea Ocean Adventures

Join Moorea Ocean Adventures for a private boat tour to swim with spinner or rough-toothed dolphins in Moorea, French Polynesia.. We are pleased to offer small group private Dolphin watching tours throughout the year.

The lagoon and ocean surrounding Moorea, French Polynesia is warm and clear, making it one of the best places in the world to swim with and observe dolphins in their natural habitat. French Polynesia declared itself a Marine Mammal Sanctuary in 2002 offering protection to all of the 16 species of Whales and Dolphins found here.

Join us to support the research and conservation of  Spinner Dolphins and other cetaceans as we share all of our data and sighting reports with the Department of the Environment and local NGOs.

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Swim with dolphins Moorea Ocean Adventures
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All Year Long

Spinner Dolphins are year round residents of Moorea, French Polynesia. During the mornings they can be reliably encountered in the lagoons and passes as they rest from the evening hunt. We are pleased to offer our small group private tours to observe the Spinner Dolphin pods of Moorea all year round, our sightings success is over 90%. Watching the dolphins playing in front of the boat is a must to do while in Moorea !

There are other species of Dolphins that also live near the coast of Moorea; rough-toothed dolphins, short-finned pilot whales and beaked whales. While not as reliable as the Spinner Dolphins, the Moorea Ocean Adventure team has the knowledge and experience to give you the best chance of meeting these other amazing dolphin species.

Our boats are fast and maneuverable, suitable for the open seas and traveling to the areas where the offshore dolphin species can be encountered. When we do find the Rough-toothed dolphins or Pilot Whales it is often possible to join swim with them in the open ocean for memorable encounters.


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Respect is the key

Be Dolphin Aware – When you join Moorea Ocean Adventures to swim with Rough-toothed Dolphins, Pilot Whales and all of the amazing marine wildlife here in Moorea, your tour will be hosted by our experienced team of marine biologists, naturalist guides and experienced boat captains. Together, they share the knowledge and experience to ensure you the best possible private tour here on Moorea.

But we cannot guarantee we will be able to find every species or swim with the dolphins on every tour. We must take into consideration the weather, the dolphins activity and our guests abilities. This ensures the safety of our guests and the sustainability of responsible tourism here on Moorea, French Polynesia. We are strong supporters of the conservation and protection of the Whales, Dolphins and all the marine wildlife species we encounter and we ask our guests to understand and be excited to participate in responsible tourism with us.

Many of our guests travel great distances for the opportunity to swim with wild animals in Moorea. Often our guests book several tours during their stay to increase the chances of a successful in-water encounter. We strongly recommend considering 2 tours to swim with wild dolphins while visiting our beautiful island.

Swim with dolphins Moorea Ocean Adventures


Swimming with dolphins means swimming in the blue waters of the open ocean. Open water snorkeling is more difficult that lagoon or reef snorkeling as we have to deal with currents and waves there. It is quite physical and energy demanding.

In order to guarantee our guests’ safety, we require for any dolphin swim than our guests are able to swim efficiently on a certain distance and to sustain themselves in the water without wearing a lifejacket or a floating vest. We also ask all our guests to know how to use properly snorkeling gear (fins, mask and snorkel). Open ocean is definitely not a place to learn how to swim !

Swim with Dolphins Moorea Ocean Adventures