Moorea Private Tour Boats


In keeping with the Moorea Ocean Adventures tour philosophy we offer two boats for our marine wildlife tours. Moorea Ocean Adventures owns two boats with own benefits in terms of comfort, accessibility, ease of water entry and exit, and range. The boats we have chosen increase the likelihood of exceptional encounters for our guests. They are fast, clean and modern with maximum guests of 6 onboard.

In our mind, they are the best boats to suit your private tour here on Moorea. Each boat is properly licensed, with an experienced and certified Captain and has onboard all required safety and life preserving tools.

Falcon 650 Boats

The Falcon 650 is a rigid inflatable boat perfectly suited for the lagoon as for the open sea. With a capacity of 6 guests, it ensures exceptional navigation with optimum comfort: cushioned seats, bimini roof, non slip decking, and the inflatable tubes facilitate entering the water gracefully!

Fitted with an environmentally responsible 4 stroke engine, this boat allows us to be able to approach whales and dolphins without causing undue disturbance allowing the animals to show their natural curiosity.  Another advantage of this small boat is that it is quick and maneuverable.

Private Boat Tours Snorkeling Marine life Moorea Ocean Adventures
Private Boat Tours Snorkeling Marine life Moorea Ocean Adventures