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Reef Sharks outside the reef

The outer slope of the coral reef is home to blacktip reef sharks, gray reef sharks, whitetip sharks and lemon sharks. Amazing experience for those with average snorkeling skills to expert, this is a thrilling snorkel tour in the outer coral reef with adult blacktip sharks and sometimes gray reef sharks, lemon sharks, whitetip sharks and big fish species.

Before immersion, your guide will provide you many explanations about the ecology and behavior of sharks that are strictly protected in French Polynesia and will tell you why we don’t have to fear them. This is a safe activity and even if the sharks come very very close, you won’t feel in danger at any moment. After the safety instructions, you will snorkel in the blue and will soon be surrounded by reef sharks who will pose for unforgettable videos! Unique experience to live with Moorea Ocean Adventures.

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Reef shark snorkeling in Moorea island
Close encounter with sharks - Moorea Ocean Adventures
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Lemon Sharks in Moorea french polynesia

Why Shark Tourism is important for their conservation ?

Sharks are crucial to our marine ecosystems, yet many shark populations are in decline as a result of fishing (particularly for shark fin soup), fisheries bycatch, habitat destruction, and climate change. To survive, sharks need a coordinated global conservation effort.

Unfortunately, sharks are feared by many members of the public, demonised by the media, treated as human-hunting monsters, and cast as the villains in some blockbuster movies. In many places, government-funded programs actively cull sharks in the name of beachgoers’ safety.

Shark ecotourism can change people’s attitudes about sharks and make them more likely to support conservation projects. Shark ecotourism provides an opportunity to learn about sharks’ role in ocean ecosystems, and to view and interact with them in their natural environment. At the end, people realize the importance of creating sanctuaries and conservation programs for sharks like the huge Sanctuary of French Polynesia. In turn, that could help to build political and social pressure to conserve sharks.

Moorea Ocean Adventures contributes to the shark conservation by teaching every guest on our tours about the importance of sharks in the ocean, by sharing all our sharks data with the Shark Observatory of French Polynesia and by following a strict protocol with no huge shark feeding and no handling of tiger sharks and other species just for pictures.

Meet the reef sharks in Moorea, South Pacific