Get Ready for the Tour !



French Polynesia is known for its strong sunshine all year long so a hat and sunglasses will keep your protected on sunny days. Because we do a lot of snorkeling during our tours, we don’t like so much sunscreens which are known to have a strong impact on the corals’ health. Instead, we recommend you to take long sleeve lycras which will offer you the best sun protection ever.

From December to March which is the rain season, it is useful to be prepared for the weather. A rain jacket is a good idea. We ask all our guests to bring their own towels for the tour so they can dry themselves and their gear at any time and not be cold when we have strong winds.

We don’t have any food onboard but you’re welcome to bring basic snacks. We provide beverages (fresh water, fruitjuice and even beers for the end of the tour) so you can save place in your bags and not bring your own water.

We can provide good snorkeling gear (fins, masks and snorkels) to our guests. Our smallest size of fins is 5 US and our longest size is 12 US. If your more cumfortable with your own gear, please take it !

We advise you to bring the least possible equipment on board, just the bare necessities and to avoid any valuables. We will insist to put your phones in a secure place.

And last but not least, the scenery and the wildlife here is very photogenic so remember to charge your batteries and have your cameras ready. You wouldn’t want to miss that epic, insta-worthy whale breach because of a dead battery .


We do not have a toilet on board so take precautions before. You can also go in the water at any time in case of urgent need.

Finally keep in mind that our boats are adapted to a fast and comfortable navigation but are quite small so there is no intimacy on board. Plan to dress in proper attire before boarding.


We always try to make our guests cumfortable and navigate on calmer seas around the island. As we run private tours, we can just go back immediately in the lagoon if you begin to feel bad.

Please just remeber that if you do feel a little (or a lot) queasy while on our boat, we will be there for you–even if just for moral support.

If you’ve been seasick before, please tell us at the beginning of the tour. Avoid to eat any acid food before the tour (lemon, oranges, pineapples, fruitjuice), no milk and no eggs. Sleep well the night before, avoid alcohol in the last 24 hours and take a pill 30 minuts to join us (dramamine is good and ginger is very efficient when the first symptomes occur).

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