Moorea Ocean Adventures Big Blue Discovery

Join Moorea Ocean Adventures for snorkeling expeditions into the open ocean off the coast of Moorea, French Polynesia. Led Marine Biologist Matthieu and Cameraman Trevor we invite you to explore the many different species of pelagic or open ocean marine wildlife offshore of Moorea. For the adventurous snorkeler this is the ultimate adventure, diving into the deep blue with oceanic fish, sharks, dolphins and whales. If you have never snorkeled in the big blue ocean with several kilometers of water beneath you, this will be an adventure like no other! Welcome to the kingdom of unknown life where everything could happen…

For our most adventurous guests, this is a special tour in the open sea to meet oceanic or pelagic species. This begins with the opportunity to observe marine birds hunting in the open ocean. We commonly encounter several species including; Frigates, Boobies, Noddis, Tropical tailed birds and Petrels.

We often find tuna hunting smaller fish close to the surface while birds attack from the sky. We can enter the water and investigate the action – this can be real National Geographic style adventure. If you prefer we can explore the areas around the Fishing Agreggation Devices which are a special place to meet pelagic species or, at your demand, take a rod to do some trawl fishing in the schools of sea birds !

We may encounter other species of marine wildlife like; sea turtles, Rough-toothed dolphins, Cuviers beaked whales, Pilot whales, Marlin, Swordfish and more. When we do find such amazing animals we are happy to dive into the deep blue with them for the encounter of a lifetime.

Upon request we can also arrange to encounter pelagic shark species like; silky, tiger or oceanic whitetip sharks. This is not a snorkeling expedition for beginners and all participants must have strong swimming and snorkeling skills. Please do keep in mind that when venturing into the big blue seas of Moorea we cannot guarantee encountering pelagic or oceanic species – although it is a rare occasion we do not see them.

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Open ocean snorkeling with Moorea Ocean Adventures
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