Teen Ocean Adventure Camp

A 7 days expedition to swim with marine iconic species, learn about ocean conservation and have a lot of fun !

Teen Ocean Adventure Camp
  • Destination : Moorea, French Polynesia

  • 2019 dates: June 17 – June 23 – Available

  • Duration: 7 days

  • Ages: 12-16

  • All included: lodging,meals, activities and gear

Adventure Teen Camp Moorea 2019 Wildlife Boat

Highlights of the trip:

Boat tours in the ocean

  • Discovery of Moorea stunning landscapes by the sea
  • Learning about navigation, safety and orientation at sea

Marine wildlife encounters

  • Snorkeling with rays, sharks and tropical reef fish
  • Dolphin and bird watching
  • Exploration of the open ocean for pelagic animals

Adventure Discovery Knowledge Vacation Travel Teen Camp

Discovery of local initiatives

Fun and educational activities

  • Aquatic treasure hunt in the lagoon
  • Study of reef fauna in a tactile basin
  • Lectures about marine species

Coral Restoration Scientific holidays Teen Camp

Bonus Materials:

Lodging: Typical bungalow on the beach
Local culinary specialties
Free full HD video of the expedition
Experienced biologists and educators
Small group : only 10 teenagers in total
Coral Restoration Scientific holidays Teen Camp
The price does not include the flight ticket to arrive in French Polynesia or the additional lodging in Tahiti/Moorea outside the trip dates. Please contact us for more details.

An expedition only for teens unique in the world

The Teen Ocean Adventure CAMP (TOAC is easier !) is halfway between a science vacation, an adventure expedition and a teenage sea class. By the complementarity of the notions brought to the children, by the diversity of the experiences they will live and by the wealth of landscapes and  biodiversity they will meet, we can affirm that this expedition has no equivalent worldwide.

Located in French Polynesia, Moorea is frequently classified in the most beautiful islands in the world. Indeed, this tropical island has magnificent landscapes with typical fine sand beaches, crystalclear warm waters and green sharp mountains which are the walls of an extincted volcano. This is a perfect playfield for everybody wanting to reconnect with nature and discover the ocean. This is also a place full of culture and authenticity where people are warm and friendly and where there is no safety issue.

During 7 days, the campers will develop important human values such as sharing, respect, discipline and self-improvement. They will also improve their knowledge on several scientific subjects: Biology, Oceanology, Ecology and Nature Conservation.They will participate every day in physical activities and sports, most oriented to the ocean. They will meet local people, learn a lot about polynesian way of life, culture and food. They will also be involved in local environmental projects thanks to a partnership with two famous ocean NGOs : “Te mana o te moana” and “Coral Gardeners“.

Teenagers will be supervised by the Moorea Ocean Adventures team. We are a team of 7 guides all very experienced and two guides will be with the group 24/7.

Our trip leaders have both an experience in marine wildlife and in education : Matthieu, our marine biologist, have developed for many years educational tools and resources for children and have animated projects with local college students almost everywhere in French Polynesia. Trevor has been a college sports teachers for several years before to lead wildlife expeditions. He knows perfectly how to coach teenagers and help them to beyond their limits.

Group size matters! Small groups enhance camper experience and cultivate better relationships. We welcome a maximum of 10 participants per trip. Languages spoken at the camp will be english and french.

The TOAC’s experience makes the parents happy and at ease : we take care of everything ! The lodging, meals, activities and even the transporation from Tahiti is included in the trip. Just tell us what international flight you plan to take and we will organize everything so your teens won’t be alone at any moment.

The group will stay in a 135 m2 local bungalow, located at 20 meters from the beach. The bungalow is located in a very safe place with Wi-fi access, air conditionning and of course locked doors and windows. There will be separated rooms between boys, girls, and team guides. The bungalow is equipped with two different kitchens and two bathrooms.

The meals (3 per day: breakfast – lunch – dinner) will be hearty and balanced. They will be cooked by our team with local and fresh ingredients except for a few ones (night movie with pizzas for example).

Everything has been designed to propose an experience which would make the adults jealous. Please contact the Moorea Ocean Adventures for any question !

Teen Ocean Adventure Camp Lodging
Ocean Adventure Teen Camp 2019
Moorea Teen Expedition

Day 1 : Welcome to Moorea Island !

Welcome to the TEEN OCEAN ADVENTURE CAMP led by Moorea Ocean Adventures !

Option 1: The teenagers arrive in French Polynesia alone: They will be welcomed upon arrival directly at the international airport of Papeete (Tahiti) by our trip leaders. Campers will immediately call home to confirm their safe arrival. We will take a taxi then take a ferry to reach Moorea island (about 1 hour of transportation in total).

Option 2: The teenagers are already in French Polynesia (living here or in holidays here with their family). They will be welcomed upon arrival directly at the ferry dock of Moorea by our trip leaders. Campers will immediately call home to confirm their safe arrival.

The campers arrive in the beautiful Cook’s Bay with sharp mountains falling into the clear waters of Moorea lagoon. Here, in the middle of the volcano crater (extincted a long time ago), they will spend the next 7 days.They will sleep in a 135 m2 polynesian bungalow located at twenty meters from the beach.

The first half-day will be dedicated to learn about the other participants, the team, the trip schedule, Moorea and the rules of community life.

The afternoon, everybody will go in the lagoon warm waters. Time to learn about snorkeling and to improve its skills! Sharks, rays, tropical fish and a lot more are waiting for the teens in the next days so they will be trained by our team to be cumfortable enough in the water and with the gear.

The evening, local specialties will be served for the dinner (example: coconut milk raw fish, fried chicken with lemon sauce or “Maa Tinito” )

Day 2 : Colorful corals and endangered sea turtles

The adventure truly begins today. All the campers and team have a boat tour together and the rich and preserved marine life of Moorea island is waiting. First, the campers will learn about boat safety and navigation with our boat captains. Thanks to our team of naturalists and marine biologists, they will understand how Moorea and its coral reefs were born and why they are now endangered by human activities. Our destination will be a marine protected area where these young adventurers will explore colorful coral gardens, play with a lot of tropical fish and observe all the small fauna of the reef like tree christmas worms, pipefish, giant clams or octopus. Always under the supervision of our guides who will be in the water with them. Exploring a healthy coral reef for the first time is really a lifetime experience.

The afternoon, after a well deserved lunch at the bungalow, we take a bus to go to the Moorea Sea Turtle Clinic. This care center is managed by a local and environmental NGO, called Te mana o te moana. The center’s team welcomes sick and injured sea turtles, provide them medical cares and release them into the wild once they are great again. By visiting this place, we hope the campers will understand how human can strongly impact the marine life. An educator will show them different sea turtle species and how they take care of them at the center. A truly educational and awakening moment.


Day 3 : Meeting with the sharks and stingrays

The day begins by a 2 hours lecture of our marine biologist about the ocean species of French Polynesia.The opportunity for the participants to deepen the knowledge acquired in the field throughout the week.

Then, we go by the ocean again, this is the second boat tour of the expedition. This time, the focus will be on two mischievous marine predators: the stingrays and the reef sharks. We will make the teenagers swim with these magnificent creatures in optimal safety conditions. We are used to bring people of all snorkeling levels meet sharks and rays all year long and this is a very fun, unique and harmless experience. First step: snorkeling with the rays and sharks in the shallow waters of the lagoon. Then a shark swim into the blue (on the ocean side) will also be proposed to the participants and included in the movie of the expedition we will edit specially for the teenagers and their family.

We will finish the day by a movie night with some pizzas !


Day 4 : Treasure hunters or saviors of the reefs ?

We will spend the day on a fine sand beach with nobody else around except coconut trees and ermit crabs. Campers will learn how to survive if they’re lost on a desert island. They will build their camp, find some food in the nature and then will be ready to welcome the team of Coral Gardeners. This local NGO is dedicated to the conservation of coral reefs by raising awareness worldwide and saving corals by planting them back on the reef. The teens will learn how to do coral restoration and will be able to plant their own healthy coral fragment on the reef and to give it a name.

After a bouncy picnic punctuated by the sound of the ukulele,  young adventurers will have the right to a well deserved rest on the beach.

Participants will then have to go in search of a treasure buried in the seabed. In this aquatic treasure hunt, teens will have to collect a series of clues, explore the lagoon and be patient to succeed in their quest. Their deduction capacity, their teamwork and the knowledge acquired throughout the stay will be essential to become a true treasure hunter !


Day 5 : The spinner dolphin experience

Moorea is a perfect destination to watch wild dolphins in their environment. We will go to meet the playful spinner dolphins in the lagoon and bays of Moorea. We will take the time to learn more about their behaviour, their social structure and their ecology. The dolphins are often very playful and surf in front of our boat providing unforgettable souvenirs to the participants. Then, we will go on the ocean side to look for the rough-toothed dolphins which are quite easy to swim with ! This species is less often sighted but if we don’t try, nothing will happen ! Our team is composed of very experienced naturalists and marine biologists and we know very well our playfield.

On the afternoon, the teens will have a free half-day. They will be able to choose their activity between a few : shopping at the village center, team sports (soccer, volleyball), hiking in the rainforest,… or simply resting at the bungalow, chating with friends or communicating with their family thanks to the Wi-fi.

The evening, we will prepare a great barbecue and invite some local teenagers so everybody will be able to share about their country and they way of living with some good ribs and roasted chiken.


Day 6 : Destination Big Blue, the extreme adventure is now !

We run private tours dedicated to marine life all day long. And snorkeling in the open ocean is always a lifetime experience for our guests. Imagine you swimming 4 miles offshore with 2 miles of water below your snorkeling fins ! This is the kind of adventure the teenagers will do as one of the highlights of the expedition. Here are just a few examples of what they could see if they are lucky : a baitball with a school of seabirds and tunas hunting, a cloud of golden jackfish all around the swimmers, a pod of curious pilot whales cruising or even a marlin coming from the depths ! Obviously, all the safety rules will be enhanced and all our guides and captains are certified according to the safety rules of French Polynesia.

After all these emotions, our boats will bring everybody back to the camp. The afternoon, we will hunt some marine fauna in shallow places: sea cucumbers, shells, starfish, sea urchins, sea slugs, small reef fish. Without hurting them, the idea is to catch them with small hand nets and then studying them in a tactile basin. By observing their behaviour and their anatomy, the young scientists will guess their diet, habitat, lifecycle, predators and a lot of other interesting things.


Day 7 : End of the expedition with a big surprise

By experience, we know that the departure and arrival of each participant are never identical (different international flights, organization specific to each family). However, we always try to make it easy for everybody !

So the last day, depending on the hour departure, we will be able to propose outdoor activities for the kids (hiking, snorkeling, kayaking). We won’t everbody enjoying Moorea at the fullest until the last moment.

All the team will be here to say goodbye to the teens before our team leaders bring them to take their flight back. We will share our memories and challenges and say our goodbyes as all great things must come to an end. We will head to the airport confident, sunbathed, and strong after the most incredible week of adventure, fun, and friends.

BUT BEFORE ! All the TOAC’s team has been catching video footage of the expedition’s daily life and amazing experiences. We will invite everybody to watch the full HD video of the trip before to go. This movie will be a great souvenir of your aquatic experience in Moorea, how you became a fish people and it will make your parents cry watching it !


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Here are all the information you need to know before to begin your adventure! The list below is including you need for a successful trip. The varied situations while in Moorea require participants to have all items on the equipment list.

Also be sure to read the “Important Information” section on the bottom of this page.


  • Travel bag.

  • Backpack

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses with a secure strap

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Cellphone and its charger

  • Toiletry bag

  • 3 towels

  • Watch with an alarm clock



  • Passport and 2 sets of photocopies of your passport and flight tickets;

    one for your Trip Leader and one keep with you.


what to take Moorea Ocean Adventures


Inner layer

  • One week supply of underwear

  • Pajamas/Nightwear

Middle layer

  • 4 pairs of shorts (one pair synthetic)

  • 5 short-sleeve shirts.

  • 1 long-sleeve shirt

  • 1 long-sleeve lycra

  • 1 pairs of lightweight pants

  • 2 swimwear

Outer layer

  • Light weight rain jacket

  • 2 Lightweight sweatshirts

Head & Hands

  • Baseball style cap


  • Running shoes

  • Water shoes

  • Flip flops


Documents: A Travel Permission Slip is required as well as a valid Passport. Passports will be held by your Trip Leader.

Expectations: This is a physically, mentally and culturally demanding trip. You stay in an authentic and simple bungalow located in a lodge:  there is
no “camping.” We will expect you to be open to the Polynesian way of life and food. It is essential that we have a flexible attitude and be easy with the daily life in community.

Weather: June is usually quite warm and very sunny with rare rain. The temperatures are ranging from  ranging from 75 to 86°F. Always come prepared for lots of sun.

Spending Money: EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED. Cash plus an ATM or Credit Card is best! We suggest bringing approximately $150 for the trip. This is for personal expenses, gear replacement and gifts. Unless there is an emergency, Moorea Ocean Adventures will not advance money.

Emails: Trip Leaders will have access to email/web every two days. The participants will have the Wi-fi access 1 to two hours per day.

Time: French Polynesia’s Time Zone is UTC -10.

Laundry: There will be a possibility for the participants to have a free laundry service 4 days after the trip beginning.

In partnership with

te mana o te moana

Coral Gardeners