Release of a green sea turtle

Release of the green sea turtle Nano with tahitian NGO Te mana o te moana

On Monday morning, the Moorea Ocean Adventures team had the pleasure of helping the Polynesian NGO Te mana o te moana in its actions to protect endangered marine species, including sea turtles. Trevor, our guide and pilot, had the honor of tagging and releasing his first turtle into the wild.

This green turtle weighing sixty kilos, named Nano, had been found floating on the surface of Opunohu Bay by young fishermen with a hook in the fin. After two weeks of care at the Moorea Sea Turtle Clinic, Nano was able to be released in good health in the ocean. Long road to you!

For those who want to know more about the actions of this association, do not hesitate to like their page or visit their website.

Green sea turtle Moorea


Green Sea turtle Moorea


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