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Our Partners

Moorea Ocean Adventures is proud to be partner with the CORAL GARDNERS NGO

Our island Moorea is home to a small group of friends who created Coral Gardeners, an organization of kids and young adults who wants to rebuild the coral reefs in Polynesia. They are a team of surfers, fishermen and free divers who have experienced first hand just how precious our oceans and coral reefs are. Founder and President Titouan Bernicot, 20, was born and raised on a Polynesian atoll to parents who ran a pearl farm. In between fishing and surfing, the ocean became his playground, but over the years he began to notice that the coral reefs were disappearing. That was when he decided to start replant coral. The team has since attracted attention and support from scientists, biologists, photographers and conservationists from all over the world.


Coral gardeners logo

THEY SAVE THE REEFS THROUGH EDUCATION : Through conferences, interactions with the public and schools,Coral Gardeners educate adults and children about coral reefs, why they are important, and the threats they face.

Coral Gardeners

THEY SAVE THE REEF THROUGH RESTORATION: The reef on our island home, Moorea, has been heavily impacted. Through coral gardening, Coral Gardeners are contributing to restoring it by planting healthy coral fragments back onto the reef.

Coral Gardeners Moorea
Coral restoration save the reefs
Coral Gardeners

Bring a new life to the reef. Name It. We Plant It. Receive Your Certificate.


Come join “The Coral Gardeners Experience” and save coral reefs on Mo’orea island! Coral Gardeners NGO propose you to integrate our team during a half-day journey throughout which you will be a part of our project. You’ll also learn more about corals and the marine ecosystem, you’ll discover the missions of the NGO and you’ll be able to participate to our coral reef restoration activities. One of our guides will show you our coral gardens and you will have the chance to go collect and plant your very first coral, that you’ll have the opportunity to adopt by the end of our eco-tour. You’ll add your own mark to our project and actively able to participate to the reef conservation. After you will have the opportunity to refresh with our local pineapple juice, and our team will gladly gift you your own eco-friendly merchandise. We hope that you’ll join our movement after this unique experience. Mauru’uru & Let’s save the reef!

Coral Gardeners