HUMPBACK WHALE SEASON 2018 and rare pelagic encounters

Each year, from july to october, humpback whales come to the crystalclear waters of Moorea island. French Polynesia is a preserved sanctuary for these giants and it is possible to join them in the water while respecting strict rules according to their well-being.

During the whale season, we also meet several other pelagic species like pilot whales, oceanic whitetip sharks or rough-toothed dolphins. And sometimes even very rare species:

Wach our video of Blainville beaked whales here.

Watch our video of dwarf sperm whales here.

Watch our video of pygmy killer whales here.



Moorea Ocean Adventures is glad to present you the best moments of the 2018 whale season in this 5 minuts video. Please watch it in Full HD !





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