Discover the Coral Gardeners

To the rescue of coral reefs with Coral Gardeners

Moorea Ocean Adventures is proud to be partner with the local NGO Coral Gardeners, dedicated to save the coral reefs in French polynesia and worlwide.

After offering Coral Gardeners a pelagic tour (we’ve been lucky enought to make them meet pilot whales and an oceanic white tip shark), the Moorea Ocean Adventures team visited coral gardeners to discover their activities and talk about a partnership.
We were impressed by the restoration and awareness activities carried out by this young and dynamicNGO based in Moorea. Aged 14 to 30 years, these children of the ocean are involved for the protection of our coral reefs, here in Moorea but also at the international level. Our visit was an opportunity for our team to help brush the tables, to cut some pieces of coral and to replant some fifteen coral cuttings on the barrier reef.

Coral reefs are the basis of tropical marine ecosystems, a source of food for 500 million people and a home for a quarter of marine life. Today, they bear the full brunt of the impact of human activities and climate change. Feel free to support Coral Gardeners in their actions. Together, we are the reef.


Discover how to save the reefs with the Coral Gardeners  here.

You can also watch what they do in video. Please watch it in Full HD !

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