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9 reasons to choose a private tour to swim with whales


1.To escape big commercial boat tours. A whale watching guide is officially authorized to bring 8 people into the water. On a classical big boat tour, if you are more than 8 guests, you will have to be separated into several groups and your time with the whales will be divided by the number of groups… Not to mention security conditions hardly optimal for such large numbers of customers. Our private tours are only 6 guests at the maximum ...

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Wahoo Moorea

Recent marine wildlife sightings in Moorea’s open ocean

In Moorea, French Polynesia, the humpback whale season from July to November is well known by tourist companies and visitors who come to experience unique moments with these majestic animals. Swimming with humpback whales is a lifetime experience but did you know that the rest of the year, it is also possible to make unique encounters ?

Observations made last month near Moorea confirm this trend. Despite the small numbers of boats in the open ocean at this time of the ...

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Great Pictures of Moorea from Nick Loewenstine (Hawaii Adventure Diving)

Many of our clients share the passion for underwater photography. Being at the right time at the right place is often the key to bring back unique images of the marine fauna. Recently, private tours of Moorea Ocean Adventures allowed Nick Loewenstine, sharks enthusiast from Hawaii, to meet and swim with humpback whales, reef sharks and stingrays. The work of guide takes then its full meaning, both in the search for animals and in their approach. Allowing the ...

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